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Staving Off Boredom

Years ago I lived with this boy.  Although I hear that it’s now pretty commonplace for men and women to reside together out of wedlock, several people around me were less than amused by this decision.  I mean, I’d just run away from home, and moved in with a guy I’d known for like three weeks or something!  Had I lost my mind?!  (Actually, in retrospect this was probably an entirely reasonable line of thought)  But, I lived with this boy and we were in love and everything was all well and right with the world.

Until I woke up and realized that ‘holy shit, I’m living with this guy?’  He wasn’t a bad guy or anything, he certainly didn’t hit me, or tell me I was ugly or anything.  Actually, he took care of me pretty well, and supported absolutely everything I ever did.  It sort of seemed like he thought the sun shined out of my ass, which certainly isn’t much of a problem at all when ya think about it.  Nope, the problem was me.  Though years later when said guy reappeared, I realized that either I had terrible taste or the guy had really flipped out and gone nuts.  Not to toot my own horn, but the guy really did flip out, in that crazy “I can see the  future” sort of way.  Apparently if you start taking massive amounts of methamphetamines that’ll happen.

Back to my problem though: years ago I realized that I have this phenomenal ability to become boring with absolutely anyone in a very short amount of time.  It wasn’t that I didn’t love that guy, I definitely did (at least I think), but eventually the shiny-ness of the situation wore off.  Almost every single relationship I’ve ever had has ended in a pretty similar way – One day I get tired of them and leave.  It’s not that I mean to, and it’s not about how much I do or don’t like em, but it just goes that way every time.  Sadly, I’ve yet to figure out how to fix it.


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